The advantages and disadvantages of playing sports under the influence of hemp

After the legalization of cannabis in Canada and some US states, many people began to play sports under the influence of cannabis. Is it possible to combine the use of cannabinoids with physical activity, and what consequences can this lead to?

Marijuana smokers exercise more often

420 Games founder Jim McAlpin claims people started playing cannabis sports decades ago: “Watch the 1977 movie” Shaking Iron “with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Louis Ferrigno. They smoked marijuana and rocked.”

In 2013, Makalpin began to organize events for cannabis – athletes who use cannabis during classes in the hall to debunk the myth that hemp is incompatible with sports. The experiments united people with common interests and gave impetus to scientific research.

Employees at the University of Colorado Boulder interviewed residents of regions in which cannabis is legalized (California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington) and found that 80% of respondents train under the influence of hemp. Moreover, study participants who smoked marijuana did sports more often.

Cannabis motivates and helps recover from stress

The results of a survey conducted by specialists from the University of Colorado at Boulder suggest that cannabis use enhances the enjoyment of sports, accelerates recovery, and increases motivation. This is due to the fact that hemp activates cannabinoid receptors, which are part of the reward system.

Makalpin talked about the positive effects of cannabinoids: “Everyone knows that marijuana helps to recover quickly after training and alleviates pain. But another positive point that no one talks about is that hemp increases concentration.”

According to Jim, for sports, it is best to smoke marijuana or use hemp oil of a full range. In his opinion, CBD is inferior to the plant extract in therapeutic potential. However, the results of clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of cannabidiol in the fight against inflammation.

Possible negative effects of cannabis use

Cardiologist Ammon Benjaminovich believes that people suffering from cardiovascular diseases should not smoke marijuana during physical exertion: “The less often a person goes in for sports under the influence of medicines, drugs and even energy drinks, the less chance there is of arrhythmia. Therefore, I advise all patients who have problems with their heart or blood vessels, refrain from taking cannabinoids before training. ”

While smoking marijuana, a person’s blood pressure increases, and his pulse quicken, this effect persists for an hour and depends on the dosage. Exercise accelerates the heartbeat even more, which may ultimately lead to negative consequences. But in the case of regular use of cannabis, the body adapts to cannabinoids, so the pulse and pressure change slightly.

Dr. Stephen Sidney believes that smoking average-dose marijuana before exercise is not harmful to the health of people with heart disease. Nevertheless, he notes that hemp can worsen coordination of movements, in this regard cannabinoids should not be taken before engaging in extreme sports.

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