On the plane of the deceased rapper Juice WRLD found 32 kilograms of marijuana

On December 8, American rapper Jared Higgins, known by the pseudonym Juice WRLD, died at a medical center in Oak Lawn. FBI officers ransacked a private plane in which the singer flew in and confiscated 32 kilograms (70 pounds) of marijuana.

Onboard airliner transported weapons and drugs

Chicago police said FBI agents were waiting for the artist’s plane to arrive at Chicago’s Midway Airport because they suspected that he was carrying drugs and weapons. During the search with dogs, the operatives managed to find 41 packages of marijuana, six bottles of cough syrup with codeine, two 9-mm pistols, one 40-caliber pistol, a machine gun store and armor-piercing cartridges.

The 9mm pistols and store belonged to Higgins bodyguard Henry Dean. The owner of the barrel of the 40th caliber was a member of the rapper team Christopher Long. Dina and Longa were accused of illegal possession of firearms and of trying to bring guns to the airport. Henry was released on bail, and Christopher was released on bail of $ 1,500.

Juice WRLD passes away after being searched

People on board said that during the flight, Jared took several obscure pills. When FBI employees boarded the plane, the rapper began a fit. His girlfriend said that Higgins uses pain medication oxycodone, and he has a drug addiction. Law enforcers called an ambulance and injected the singer with naloxone, which is used as an antidote for overdoses of opiates. After the injection, the artist regained consciousness but died in the hospital at 03:00.

The official cause of death for Juice WRLD will be announced after the autopsy. The bodyguard of the deceased suggests that the attack could be caused by stress due to the FBI’s special operation. Higgins passed away in his 21st year, being at the top of his career as a hip-hop artist. In 2019, the rapper released his second album Death Race For Love, which took first place in American ratings. In 2018, Jared’s single Lucid Dreams made it to second place on the Billboard Hot 100. Fans of the artist expressed condolences to his relatives and commemorated the deceased with spirituals and gospels. Some have condemned rappers for promoting drugs that cause many deaths.

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