Miss Universe Canada contestant performs in hemp costume

Miss Universe Canada contestant Alyssa Boston performed in a hemp outfit at a competition in the National Costume category. The girl explained her choice by the desire to celebrate the anniversary of the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

The cannabis costume represents the medicinal potential of the plant

During a Boston performance on stage, the announcer announced the following: ‚ÄúThis shiny green suit symbolizes the need to legalize medical cannabis. A contestant wants to put an end to the repressive cannabis policy that has been going on since 1920. If you need, you can always legally marijuana In Canada”.

According to Alissa, she was inspired by the drug potential of cannabinoids at this step. She believes that the authorities of all countries of the world are obliged to allow patients to take cannabis-based medicines, and scientists should be able to examine the plant. Boston is not afraid of condemnation of cannabis propaganda at an international competition and argues that proponents of the legalization of marijuana should use any platform to promote their ideas. In Russia, a girl would be fined for the appearance of cannabis in a suit in the amount of 4,000 to 5,000 rubles under Article 6.13 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Hemp outfit didn’t help win the match

The costume was made by Neftali Espinoza from Nicaragua. In addition to clothes, the designer designed a spectacular scepter with golden hemp leaves. However, the judges gave preference alongside Ghazini Ganados, who had previously won the Miss Philippines competition. The Miss Universe Canada contest was won by Zosibini Tunzi, the current Miss South Africa.

In an interview, Alyssa announced that she plans to compete next year in order to win the long-awaited crown. She noted that Canadians are proud of the cannabis industry and believe in the great potential of the hemp market.

Boston is interested in hemp business

In November 2019, Alyssa visited the farm of the Canadian hemp company Aphria and took some photos with a cannabis bush. The girl visited the greenhouses and found out how specialists cultivate the plant. Boston graduated from Winsor University with a degree in commerce and therefore shows interest in the rapidly growing hemp industry, but does not smoke marijuana herself.

According to the model, men dominate the hemp business, so she was glad to get an opportunity to express their opinion on this field of activity. Boston suggested that many people would be shocked by her outfit, and many judges would give low ratings due to a biased attitude towards cannabis. But, on the other hand, she managed to write her name in the story, becoming the first member of “Miss Universe Canada”, who performed in a dress symbolizing marijuana.

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