Las Vegas has become the most popular tourist destination for hemp lovers

In 2017, recreational hemp was legalized in the US state of Nevada. After that, the cannabis industry began to develop in Las Vegas, and two years later the city became the most popular tourist destination for marijuana lovers. Our editors have compiled a list of the most interesting events and attractions.

Hemp workshops

An educational course called Puff, Pass, and Paint is held in Las Vegas. Students are encouraged to smoke marijuana to increase their creativity, and then they are taught to paint. Both experienced and novice artists are invited to the master class. The main idea of ​​the event is to give people the opportunity to create a comfortable environment.

Tourists who want to learn how to cook cannabinoid dishes should visit the Puff, Pass and Pastry course. Teachers at Puff, Pass, Pottery (“Pull, Pass and Sculpt”) teach you how to make the pottery using cannabis. Participants in the Puff, Pass & Pamper Workshop (“Pull Up, Pass and Indulge Yourself”) can learn how to make a face mask and other beauty products with THC.

Current legislation prohibits the organizers of educational courses from distributing hemp, so students must buy marijuana in the store and bring it with them to classes.

Hemp tours

At the moment, companies from Las Vegas do not conduct hemp tours. However, Cannabis Tour is negotiating with local officials to obtain permission to launch three tourism programs:

  1. Hemp tour in the “City of Sins”. Clients will be transported by bus or limousine to interesting places related to cannabis. The cost of one ticket will be from 49 to 199 dollars.
  2. Grow tour. Tourists will be able to visit the farm, where hemp is grown indoors. A ticket will cost $ 29.
  3. Cannabis ride. From 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. cannabis (a bus for smoking marijuana) will travel around Las Vegas daily. A day ticket will have to be paid $ 49.

Hemp Museum

Cannabis Museum was opened in Las Vegas, featuring cannabis installations. The exhibits relate to the history of the use of the plant for medical and recreational purposes and also demonstrate the effect of marijuana on the culture. Now the exhibition is being transported to the Planet 13 shopping center, so it is temporarily closed. In the future, a hemp restaurant will appear in the museum.

Hemp market NuWu

In Las Vegas, operates one of the largest American hemp stores NuWu Cannabis Marketplace. The market area is 1486 square meters, hundreds of different hemp products are sold in the establishment: from marijuana to chocolates with cannabinoids. About 3,000 people visit the outlet daily. The complex also houses the Vegas Tasting Room, the only public space in Las Vegas that allows smoking marijuana.

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