How to quickly remove hemp metabolites from urine and hair?

Several companies have released tools to quickly remove hemp metabolites from urine and hair. We have prepared a list of the most effective products and made some tips on optimizing the results of their use.

Fail-Safe Kit by Nutra Cleanse

The Fail-Safe Kit includes:

  1. 16 capsules with a cleansing agent;
  2. a bottle of cannabinoid excretion fluid.

The instructions for use indicate that first, you need to drink the liquid from the bottle and after five minutes take four capsules, washed down with water with a volume of 0.35 liters. Then it is necessary to swallow the remaining capsules in four pieces at intervals of 10 minutes, each time with a volume of 0.35 liters of water. After this, the person should urinate at least four times. The effect will be valid for five hours from the moment of the last trip to the toilet.

The Fail-Safe Kit is sold on PassYourTest for $ 89.95. The seller does not charge a fee for sending the product to the Russian Federation.

5 Day Extreme Detox by Nutra Cleanse

Unlike the previous product, 5 Day Extreme Detox removes THC from urine permanently (or until the next cannabis use). However, the course of admission lasts five days:

  • you must first take four capsules Pre-Cleanse;
  • every morning for five days you need to take six capsules of Morning Formula an hour before meals;
  • every evening for five days a person should take six capsules of Evening Formula an hour after eating;
  • on the fifth day, eight Post-Cleanse capsules should be swallowed.

Capsules should be washed down with 0.7-liter water. Two TGC tests are included with the kit. On the PassYourTest portal, you can buy goods for $ 109.95. Delivery to Russia is free.

Stinger detox

Stinger Detox has released several types of cannabis metabolites. The most popular among high-speed products is Stinger Instant Detox 5X Extra Strength. The product is a bottle of liquid that you need to drink and drink with water in a ratio of 1: 2. The effect occurs 60-90 minutes after administration and lasts up to five hours. On the manufacturer’s website, the product costs $ 55.95, for delivery to Russia they charge $ 4.81.

Stinger 5X 7 Day Extra Strength Permanent has a permanent effect, but liquid from the bottle must be taken in a tablespoon in the morning and evening before meals for seven days. The product can be purchased on the Stinger Detox portal for $ 49.95 plus $ 4.81 for delivery to Russia.

Tips for using means to remove THC from urine:

  • during the course of taking substances for urine purification and before taking tests, you can not smoke marijuana;
  • to enhance the effect of drugs, you can use drinks to cleanse the body (lemon and cranberry juices, coffee);
  • during detoxification it is recommended to drink more fluid in order to urinate more often;
  • due to the use of fast-acting drugs, the urine acquires an unnatural shade (after using Stinger Detox it is greenish), in order to eliminate this deficiency, you need to start taking vitamin B a few days before cleaning;
  • Detoxifying agents are officially considered a food supplement and therefore legal in Russia.

Shampoo for removing THC from hair

Hair analysis is rarely done for the content of narcotic substances. However, if a similar threat arose, then Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo should be used. It must be applied to the hair and scalp and washed off after 10-15 minutes. In total, shampoo should be used at least 15 times before passing the test. Optimal use: daily for 15 days. If the deadlines are running out, then the product can be washed five times a day for three days (minimum period). On the Testclear resource, goods are sold for 235.9 dollars, in the Russian Federation they are sent for free.

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