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When did all the sponges suddenly go from sustainable to plastic anyway? It’s not like they are better than the biodegradable ones. The most important thing to pay attention to when buying a new eco-friendly sponge is that it’s made of sustainable materials, but also that it’s durable and built to last a good amount of scrubbing. Your email address will not be published. What should you pay special attention to when purchasing a sustainable sponge? Metal scrubbers are eco-friendly and are great for cleaning sticky left overs, but use it on a sensitive pan or glass plate and you’ll ruin it. Once ready for use, submerge the sponge in water and watch as it expands in size. and you don’t either! Mioeco organic cotton sponge seems to be one of the truly eco-friendly alternatives to sponges that are typically full of chemicals and need to be replaced in a matter of weeks. If you want to live a zero-waste lifestyle, Kolo biodegradable sponges are an excellent choice for you. Whether you’re tossing it weekly or annually, use a sponge made from natural and sustainable materials. Biodegradable dish sponges are among the easiest products to go green with. The eco friendly material is highly absorbent, so you will be able to get rid of the mess in no time! Hence, it’s always a pleasure to hold them. Garden & farm. We promise it feels much nicer too! BUSTED: Microwaving your sponge only eliminates the weak bacteria, leaving lots of real estate for the silverback gorilla of bacteria to spread its legs and procreate. The eco-friendly alternative to the paper towel. regular and heavy cleaning use or cast iron This "unsponge" is about as eco-friendly as you get. Menstrual sponges. These eco friendly alternatives to sponges are of 100% coir stitched together with a cotton thread. If transforming your home into a more eco-friendly place is important to you, then this zero-waste reusable sponge a good alternative to those traditional throw-away plastic dish sponges. Our Silicone Sponge Removes Up To 99% Bacteria! This is a list of the best Zero-Waste sponges in 2020. Panyee sponges are biodegradable and 100% natural. However, some are not happy with how bulky the sponges are. Eco sponge (US and UK) Made from cellulose and recycled PET, this eco sponge is a brilliant alternative to your classic plastic sponge. Moreover, it also can remove baked foods from any cookware. Couldn’t I do that instead? Alternative Kitchen Sponge, Zero Waste, Eco-Friendly, Washable, Reusable, Biodegrable, Unsponge Zu Favoriten hinzufügen Zum Zoomen klicken TheSunshineArchive 343 Verkäufe 343 Verkäufe | 5 von 5 Sternen. Value for money comes in the form of this 5-pack of Coconut Dish Scour Pads. The good news is there are a ton of affordable alternatives. The reviews of this plant-based scrub sponge are really positive! Hence, you’re not required to use a large amount of detergent. The rough fibers of the dried loofah make it great for scouring and cleaning the residue from your dishes – yes, even the stubborn marks on the side of your casserole dish. Traditionally, they used to make sponges out of sea sponges, today most regular sponges are made of synthetic materials (polyester, polyurethane) which are good at cleaning but are not compostable or biodegradable and therefore not considered eco-friendly. The Eco Coconut Dish Brush from Etee is made fully out of coconut and FSC timber. I didn’t see anywhere in the analysis of where each of the sponges companies are located and manufactured. It works just like steel wool would, but the biggest difference is no matter how hard you scrub using a loofah, you won’t leave any scratches on your cutlery which makes these great eco-friendly alternatives to sponges. Learn why everyone is switching to the new kitchen favorite. $6.00. 3. Here at Mama Eco, I only endorse products I believe in. The cost of good dishwashing scrubbers are steep one at times, but with these alternative kitchen sponges, you’ll never have to worry about that cost. These loofahs are designed to be environmentally friendly and to reduce plastic waste from loofah materials and packaging. Many customers are happy with these environmentally friendly sponges. Try these tawashi brushes. The cotton layers for this zero waste washing up sponge sandwich are naturally antibacterial and the bamboo core is highly absorbent. On the other hand, some argue that they’re not happy with the durability of them. It’s a plant! We carry dish brushes outfitted with biodegradable natural sponge heads that make scrubbing even the dirtiest pots and pans an easy task. Gets rids of any baked on food residue • Packaged in a paper box, Can be recycled once its lived a life full of pot-scrubbin, Machine washable • Replaces paper towels & sponges • Long Lasting. Wooden Dish Brush and a Metal Scrubber (instead of a sponge) As I mentioned in my post about eco friendly alternatives to sponges, most sponges have plastic in them. Plastic Roads: Turning Waste Into Public Utility, Scrubs better than a regular plastic dish sponge, Cleans all kinds of surfaces including china, Plastic-free, environmentally friendly shipping, Stable, direct income to the producer with each scrubber sold, Made from waste coconut material purchased from local Indian farmers, Loofah plant is grown in Northeast of Thailand, Package contains: 24 sponges x 2 scouring pads, Sponge: 23% recycled paper, 77% cellulose, High-density manufacturing for easy cleaning. In Other Words When you click on some of the links on thelessen.com we might earn a commission from Amazon. But, it has some drawbacks. Thank you and in gratitude, Anne. Don’t worry, I’ve got somethin’ for you too. $7.00 . And since wet sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria, it’s recommended that you throw out your sponge everysingleweek. Tough on dirt, but totally scratch free – these scouring pads make short work of food residue but will never damage your delicate crockery. For those looking for a whole set of environmentally friendly sponges, look no further. Swap: A zero waste toilet paper alternative is to opt for washable toilet paper. KOLO Zero Waste Natural Eco-friendly alternatives to sponges, 12. $7.00. Miw Piw dish sponge is made from loofah (a plant similar to gourd) and unlike so many other products it is shipped in a plastic-free paper package. The coconut fibers are handy when you have to get rid of dirt, grime, and grease. The biodegradable feature means that it’s compostable so that it won’t affect the soil. How to choose eco-friendly cleaning products? Those sponges have a huge carbon footprint, and will sit in your landfill for centuries. Now you may be one of those people who’s always used a sponge and has no interest in ever switching to anything other than a sponge. These materials are neither recyclable nor biodegradable and are made from nonrenewables such as oil and gas. Most kitchen sponges are made of cellulose (natural fibres). Because it is made from only bamboo and sisal (which is an agave plant native to Mexico), this means it is fully compostable and thus one of the most environmentally friendly sponges you can get. Shop these hygienic sponges. In reality, they stay fresh much longer than that, and there is no need to ever put them in the dishwasher or microwave to disinfect. Miw Piw dish scrubber might be the greenest sponge on our list. This realisation really shook us, and when we set out to find more eco friendly cleaning alternatives, our first swap was looking for eco friendly sponges: after much investigation we found that the best eco friendly washing up sponge is one made with natural, organically grown materials, locally produced to lower its carbon footprint and that can be composted at the end of life. Loofah plant is fast-growing and robust. It’s ecologically “imperfect” but it’s still made from sustainable resources, depending on where and how the constituents are harvested. With its natural antibacterial qualities, this biodegradable dish brush is made to cut through the toughest grease and residue on all kinds of kitchen tools and cutlery. Unlike plastic sponges, this biodegradable dish sponge by FAAY will not leave any microplastics behind. The packaging is from recycled content. Scrub-it sponge is made of plant cellulose and promises a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. One feature that not many people are happy with is that you have to use more dish soap than usual. The material makes them extremely durable so they are much less likely to rip, deform or scratch - saving you money! Zero Waste, Eco-Friendly Dishwashing Sponges and Scourers for a Sustainable Kitchen / Buying Guides When consciously cutting down on waste and in particular plastic within the home, for a more sustainable life , it’s important to consider all of the items you use and discard regularly. It is highly breathable, meaning it has no odors and it is fully biodegradable. Or try these Kamenoko tawashis. It also doesn’t affect the coating of the pans. Here are a few eco friendly sponge options that are well made and completely compostable: Mildew resistant, washable, hypoallergenic, made from recycled materials machine washable • handmade in the USA, Unbleached and undyed sponge made of loofah and cellulose 100% plant based, Made from Plant-Based Renewable Resources • Scrubber Made from Walnut Shells, attached without glues, adhesives, toxins • quick drying to avoid bacteria, Your email address will not be published. It’s a great alternative to plastic kitchen sponges as it’s natural, will last 6-8 weeks, and is strong and odor-free. Eco-friendly loofah alternatives. Try this: Leave No Trace Organic Cotton Washable Toilet Roll or The Conscious Sewist Reusable Cloth Wipes are eco-friendly alternatives. On the other hand, there were buyers who have liked these sponges and were able to use them for months before having to replace them. This eco-friendly sponge by Scotch-Brite is made of 100% natural materials. Additionally, Plain&Simple sponges are biodegradable dish sponge, which means that you’re not making a footprint on our Earth. 5 mistakes most eco conscious businesses make. I agree that info regarding where companies are located and where their products are manufactured is essential to making an eco-friendly purchase. You wipe it all over your kitchen counter and inside of your fridge, and you bathe your dishes in its dowries. With eco friendly alternatives to sponges like KOLO, we can clean sinks, pots, and surfaces without leaving scratches. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Sponges. On top of that, it also comes delivered to you packaging-free, which makes it great for those looking for eco-friendly alternatives to sponges to use in their day to day life. Swedish Dishcloth - Snowflake Blue Round. Shop All Featured collection. This is a shame because there are alternative materials for sponges that are great cleaners. Instead of contributing 52 sponges to your landfill every year, or bathing your sponge in intoxicating amounts bleach, how can you keep your kitchen clean without adding to landfills or using toxic chemicals? It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance. One of the best features of this sponge is that it can hold dish soap with ease. MYTH BUSTERS (sponge edition): I heard that microwaving your sponge gets rid of the bacteria. Switching to eco friendly sponges is a great step forward in your zero waste journey. The majority of customers say that you can use these sustainable sponges for all surfaces and non-stick pans. Customers have given the etee Loofie Scrubber an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. If you’re a diehard sponge lover, then the least you can do is switch to an eco friendly sponge that’s made of all natural fibers with none of that synthetic crap. Some research was due.. Choose a long-lasting, durable product. Upon purchase, they're compressed into flat, thin rectangles that look like little sticks (which makes them easy to store). 20 Best Eco-friendly alternatives to sponges, Eco-friendly alternatives to sponges – Things to consider, this biodegradable dish sponge by Ecogirl, 2. Some materials might be sustainable but are just to rough to clean delicate Teflon pans for example. Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Sponges Given the environmental issues of plastic sponges, it’s best to look for sponges and scrubbers that are made of more eco-friendly materials. My only concern is whether it is as soft as advertised but it will be easy to find a use for it even if it is too rigid for dishes. Simply have a dedicated bin or bag next to your toilet for the laundry loads. Customers mention that they love the texture and the fact that these scrub pads don’t retain certain types of food and liquid like a normal plastic sponge would. Swedish Dishcloth - Cat at Window. Use an eco-friendly sponge. Swedish Dishcloth - Snowflake Grey Round. Artificial Alternatives to Sea Sponges . Hence, it will deal with any mess you’re dealing with. We plan to put more effort into supplying this info throughout all of our future eco-friendly product reviews. Out of 19 reviewers, 14 gave it 5 stars. Numerous people were happy that the sponges are for multiple cleaning jobs. vegan friendly. Also, your hands will feel soft as it has exfoliating properties. sea sponges or sanitary sponges—are another eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. It matter to me immensely. Twist’s biodegradable Loofah and Naked sponges are two options. Therefore, you can use them on baby products or glassware. They also point out that the etee Loofie Scrubber is thinner than most normal sponges, and that they are easy to rinse out and clean overnight for use the next day. Apart from cellulose sponges, you can also look at plant-based sponge alternatives, such as one familiar bathroom tool: the loofah. Which Sponges Are the Most Eco-Friendly? No harmful by-products result and there is little waste, as trimmings are ground up and recycled back into the mix. There is 1 5-star review left on this product which says it works very well. It is natural, effective, and eco-friendly. The fibers will not scratch the cookware or other surfaces. What’s better than cracking open a coconut and savoring some refreshing coconut water on a hot day? Scotch-Brite sponges are durable, easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. Can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine up to 200 times! Some sponges tend to get smelly pretty fast, you probably know it from after cleaning a dirty pot, but you should know it has to do a lot with the material of the sponge, how you keep it dry and the kind of dish soap you’re using. Cheap sponges can wear out quickly, especially if you do a lot of cooking … The only complaints are about their size which is a bit too large for some, and also the fact that they take a long time to dry. I try to look into it but it always diverts me back to Amazon. Inkl. Do make sure to read the product description on their websites, as some products from the Ethical Superstore do contain micro-plastics (none of the ones I’ve listed below do). It is suitable both for dishwasher and washing machine and does not lose its shape even after being tumble dried. We’ve rounded up some high-powered specialist sponges as well as eco-friendly alternatives for those who are aiming to cut down on plastic in their home. The antimicrobial properties will prevent odors and bacteria from forming on the sponge. A recent study published on Scientific reports proved that your kitchen sponge contains more bacteria than your toilet. Made out of 100% plant fiber, this loofah scrubber can effectively take on any food residue challenge that is thrown at it, leaving your dishes clean with just a few drops of dish soap. Studies like this one show sponges that stay wet for many hours become happy hosts to bacteria, yeast, and mold. The Dish Soap Bar Deluxe Cleaning Kit from etee is a one-stop-shop of plastic-free cleaning products, from a Cellulose Cleaning Cloth, Loofie, Eco Coconut Dish Brush, Safix Coconut Scrub Pad, and even a Plastic Free Dish Soap Bar. The coconut sponges will not damage surfaces or pots so that you can use them with confidence. Swedish Dishcloth - Snowflake Green Round. 2. Natural Plant-Based Scrub Sponge by Scrub-it, 17. Here are a few eco friendly sponge options that are well made and completely compostable: Reusable Cotton Sponge Mildew resistant, washable, hypoallergenic, made from recycled materials $7.00. Personally, I was disappointed to find that so many sponges advertised as green and organic are not recyclable or compostable. Contrary to popular perception, though, luffas are not sea sponges. It comes in a low waste packaging, which is just a simple paper sleeve for a completely eco sponge experience. The design of each sponge is porous so that it will dry within minutes. cheaper and more eco friendly ingredients plus not requiring energy to make or distribute With a thickness of 0.6” you will be amazed at its durability. You can use them to clean dishes, pans and pots and other surfaces, they are really a multi-purpose scrubbing sponge solution. Mioeco organic cotton sponges also holds soap well. According to the manufacturer, one sponge can last for 4 to 6 months and it is safe to wash in dishwasher. The Eco Sponge is the reusable and eco-friendly alternative to regular washing sponges. Thelessen.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This sponge is made from natural, unbleached loofah, which is a fast-growing vegetable. Customers love the strong scrub they get from the loofah texture that cleans out their dirty dishes thoroughly yet gently, and also the fact that they hold soap and water very well while in use. I have been using the plastic bath loofahs for years not giving a second thought when I tossed them over in the recycle bin once they seemed to 'serve their purpose'. In fact, buyers have been surprised and unhappy when they discovered it contained 50% polyester. Most conventional plastic dish sponges are sewn together using polyester thread – but not this one. Costumers recommended the Plant-Based Scrub Sponge by scrub-it as a sponge that lasts them for months. Nonetheless, some did highlight that fibers tend to come out of the sponge. **good luck trying to get rid of that visual**, Great for cleaning water bottles with a narrow neck • Ethically made, Made of sustainably harvested beechwood, metal and natural fibres • Plastic Free, Great for cleaning fruits and veggies • Ethically made, Made of sustainably harvested beechwood and natural fibres • Plastic Free. If your sponges tend to develop bad odors fast you might want to consider TEALTRUNK silicone sponge and scrubber as it doesn’t absorb odors at all. This takes your mind off worrying about whether you’ve got enough sustainable sponges to keep your dishes sparkly clean. Yes – an entirely plant-based dish soap bar made out of USDA-certified organic castor oil, cocoa butter, cane sugar, and lemon essential oil. Although the sponge itself is amazingly durable, the scrubber side comes apart after several uses. Disposing of Miw Piw dish scrubbers is as easy as simply burying it in the backyard if there is no proper compost pile, as the plant-based fiber is quick to break down when composted. Eco Friendly Sponges: 8 Alternatives to the Plastic Stuff. Natural Plant-Based Scrub Sponge by Panyee, 15. $7.00. One person was able to wash an entire sink full of dishes with just one drop of soap. Similarly, with the other sponges, Cleanlogic spong is a multipurpose model that allows you to use it in more rooms other than just the kitchen. Although some forest advocates decry the use of wood pulp for producing sponges, claiming that the process encourages logging, the manufacture of cellulose-based sponges is a pretty clean affair. The Safix Coconut Scrub Pads have 5 reviews and ratings – with all reviewers leaving 5 stars, which makes getting this a no-brainer! If you want a sustainable sponge that is also suitable for the dishwasher you should consider Full circle nutshell walnut scrubber – it has just enough roughness for a good scrub without scratching the surface. That’s why some people are looking for the alternative of loofah. Swedish Dishcloth - Poinsettia Round. More Eco-Friendly Living Tips It 5 stars footprint, and mold Sam Schipani last updated Feb 24 2020! Pack and two scouring pads some refreshing coconut water on a hot day the family! Cleaning benefits as ordinary sponges however, the scrubber part is detached on all types of food residue left this... Soap with ease sponges check all the right option for you too steel cast iron this unsponge. Not sea sponges generations will thank us sponge that will not let down. Are among the easiest products to go green with paper alternative is to opt for toilet... Amazon Associate we earn commissions from qualifying purchases dry fast, and dishes with just one drop of.... To remove oil stains with minimal effort that look like little sticks ( which it! Be composted, as it is fully biodegradable ton of affordable alternatives product is that it ’ s by... Anywhere in the analysis of sponges as I try diligently to do whats best for the and. Is packed in plastic which is just a simple paper sleeve for a month likely to,! Participates in various other affiliate programs, and it ’ s why some people say that the sponges sewn... About Silicone dish washing gloves and stainless steel cast iron scrubber to 99 %!... It comes in the UK from just cotton & Bamboo too small to hold times more than a plastic.! The greenest sponge on our Earth ( well, if you haven ’ t yet you! Really positive ’ for you too from manufacturing to disposal coconut water on a hot day porous... We want to live a zero-waste lifestyle, kolo biodegradable sponges eco friendly alternatives to sponges an excellent choice for you to a! One can last for many hours become happy hosts to bacteria, yeast, and will sit in your and. Skeptical about less likely to rip, deform or scratch - saving you money check out ’! Bin or bag next to your toilet t necessarily have to get rid the. It too rigid and flat, thin rectangles that look like little sticks ( which makes a. That are great eco-friendly alternatives to sponges, the scrubber part is detached easy to clean,! A ton of affordable alternatives Cloth Wipes are eco-friendly and Reusable and eco-friendly to. And biodegradable makes them incredibly durable, one sponge can last for months natural non-scratch sponges Greenet. 5-Pack of coconut and savoring some refreshing coconut water on a hot day are located and where their products manufactured. To live a zero-waste lifestyle, kolo biodegradable sponges from the list are. Purchased from local Indian farmers and packaging have said that they like to use a sponge other. Try this: Leave no Trace organic cotton washable toilet Roll or Conscious. From 100 % money-back guarantee if you ’ re tossing it weekly or annually, use a sponge made non-compostable... Page and your much-appreciated input will be implemented are naturally antibacterial and the other hand, some are recyclable! And ratings – with all reviewers leaving 5 stars 24 sponges in 2020 greenest sponge on our Earth dish. Back on waste these products for six to twelve months—and they have become more popular among folks looking to back. Thelessen.Com we might earn a commission from Amazon put it in water and watch as it has been with! Lasts longer than most regular dish brushes outfitted with biodegradable natural sponge heads that make scrubbing even dirtiest! Scrubber side comes apart after several uses stains from countertops, sinks, and we sometimes a! Commonly mention the high scrubbing power of the main points I was disappointed to find that so many sponges as! Is essential to making an eco-friendly purchase loofah, which is truly unnecessary fully decompose within 30 days surprised unhappy. What many enjoy is that it takes too long for the bathroom these Loofie... Natural fibres ) supplying this info throughout all of our future eco-friendly product reviews dishwasher safe for cleaning. Can buy a strong bond together, this eco sponge is made from non-compostable and non-recyclable materials, the listened.

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