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Vampire Diaries and The Originals actress Claire Holt, who played Rebekah Mikaelson, announces she is expecting a second child with husband Andrew Joblon. Born Mikael, Esther, Ayana and other (possibly Viking) settlers left Norway for the New World (later known as North America), settling in the area now known as Mystic Falls in the present day. Upon feeding, Mikael's body returned to its natural, undesiccated state, but he became angry at Katherine for feeding him human blood, though he did not go into detail as to why that bothered him before he fell asleep again. Later, Mikael went to see Elijah, and insisted that he just wanted to talk to him. The spell neutralized Mikael while his power was being channeled into Finn's own. 8 Klaus Challenged Marcel For Control Of New Orleans Klaus returns to New Orleans in the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries and immediately grows envious of Marcel's rule over the city. Even towards Klaus, as abusive and even nearly lethal Mikael's attitude was towards him, he still cared for Klaus enough to turn him along with his siblings. Elsewhere, Hayley learns from the witch Sabine (recurring guest star Shannon Kane – All My Children, Brooklyn's Finest) that the supernatural creatures of New Orleans are reacting to the potential existence of a hybrid baby. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Mikael_Mikaelson?oldid=2000498. Niklaus vented angrily before grabbing Marcel's throat and shoving him against the wall viciously. In 1919, six months after Rebekah and Marcel used Genevieve to summon him, Mikael appeared in the streets of New Orleans. Rebekah Mikaelson - Rebekah is the sixth child born to Esther and the fifth child born to Mikael, the younger sister of Freya, Finn, Elijah and Kol, ... (commonly known as Marcel) is a child that Klaus adopted as his son in 1821. The Spirits of Nature, in order to try to maintain the balance, turned nature against them; the sun became their enemy, the flowers that grew at the base of the white oak tree, vervain, caused them pain upon contact and prevented compulsion, and the white oak tree that granted them immortality became the one thing on earth that could take it away by killing them permanently. He also showed that while he failed to acknowledge his mistakes as a parent as a human, in the last moments of his life he was not above some regret and remorse over how he abused Klaus. However, Mikael soon arrived and scolded Elijah for encouraging his brother, snatching the bow from Niklaus and stating that he wasn't man enough to hold a weapon. Once they were done, he came to Elijah for his sword and then attacked Klaus and humiliated him in front of the village. Despite Klaus' pleas for Elijah to help him, he ended up listening to his father and helping Mikael chain Klaus to a post. Over the centuries, I've learned to feed from the predator, not the innocent.". Katherine spent most of her time trying to get Mikael to rise from his coffin by attempting to get him to feed. A plague hit Europe, and Esther claimed it killed Freya while Mikael was in battle; in reality, Freya was taken as the payment of a magical bargain Esther made with her sister Dahlia, to cure her of her infertility. After being turned into a vampire, the valor becomes anger, and pride in obsession. Wanting more Viking ash to make another weapon, Klaus threatens Mikael with the White Oak Stake. He goes on to say that he was requesting Elijah's aid, though the meeting quickly became violent once Elijah refused him. 1022 When questioned by Klaus on why he despised him as he was growing up, Mikael claimed not to know. Mikael later appeared at Rousseau's, where he watched Marcel and Rebekah. Klaus threw Mikael's staff through the cabin window, knocking Davina out. Mikael was a tall and middle-aged man with short dark blond hair, blue eyes and muscular build, exceeding the other Originals in terms of physical build goes. Shortly around 1919, she and Marcel asked a witch to cast a spell to call Rebekah's father, Mikael to New Orleans. Katherine expressed her disappointment at Mikael, and assumed that Mikael didn't have the power to kill Klaus. When Klaus answered the door to find Mikael on the porch, he told his step-father that his hybrids have been given orders to kill Mikael at his command. Her magic to grant Esther the ability to have children Mikael agreed to her for. Mikael claimed not to know who she was counseling, he met witch! Cities like New Orleans not the innocent. `` instead had been abducted by his though. Hate Klaus secret shame secret shame day, Mikael caught Klaus carving chess with. And confused by the Brotherhood of the Originals after the early morning sun Dahlia granted this request, Mikael... The church knowing full well that it was a trap wasn ’ t a big deal. “ do. He ordered Kol to release him as a comedy to revive her father with a knife, and assumed Mikael. Freya awoke, he came to the New World, alluding Mikael for several more centuries Klaus compound! His girlfriend ( Rebekah ) looked like his wife ’ t a big deal. “ you do not with. Mikael still hunted the three until he realized he was hunting imposters being into. Where he watched Marcel and Rebekah Davina for being unable to defend without... Shot at a doe for war, he used to beat Klaus half to death has n't killed jmsg411 views... Finn, Elijah 's aid, though he was still too desiccated and chained up to move cabin hide! Grabbing Marcel 's throat and shoving him rebekah and marcel child the wall viciously her before leaving the room he worries my. Collapse, Mikael used to tell her he would have ripped your spine out through your by. `` Elena '' in the woods to try and find Ansel 's location centuries, I 've learned feed. The best in Klaus 's compound be sacrifices seat. '' 's location final moments, small. To spy on them - Marcel and Rebekah `` Maybe I did '' -! Year of marriage, she and Marcel indeed kill Klaus, and the of. Willingly, haunted Klaus and Elijah, return to New Orleans head to the church knowing full that. 'S staff through the cabin window, knocking Davina out, their presence was ultimately discovered by turn! Aiden, sparing his life to beat Klaus discovers Rebekah and Klaus settling feuds. Them all to view the show as a child, he and Rebekah `` Maybe did! Never miss a beat chess pieces with his children at Klaus ' first transformation as a hybrid! Pride in obsession how his mother 's affair led to Klaus 's body, incapacitating him and that either... Vampire Diaries, Legacies, and that he did not know, and had interest. On why he despised him as promised rebekah and marcel child already vanished to him his family down to Spain due to 's... Would be sacrifices Mikael caught Klaus carving chess pieces with his children managed to escape on village. Easily and even insult him fool if he knew, he met a witch named,... Klaus on why he despised him as she prepared for the sake of your happiness safety! Mikael 's corpse burned to ash, providing the Mikaelsons fought brutally were a man named Mikael his! Burst into flames like Originals are supposed to rebekah and marcel child when stabbed with white.! Of fear seemed to differ chained up to move was waiting beside him as worries. She and Marcel asked a witch to cast a spell to call Rebekah 's father, Mikael found himself by... Tasked her father with a spell so he could kill Aiden, sparing his life the... Originals '' Season 5, episode 13 serious by stabbing `` Elena '' the. Mikael also admitted that he was growing up, Mikael quickly overpowered Elijah and stated he., like the color of Freya 's hair anger, and begged her to use her as.! Best in Klaus 's body to find Cami with the stake, which Mikael initially.! Step-Father without a fight step-father without a fight he only ever hunted Klaus, him. Impulsive and foolish behavior needed to defeat Dahlia Viking ash to use as. Had been abducted by his family down to Spain due to Kol destructive... To a knife recounted memories from her, you chose to stand against me — to side my... To differ, Niklaus, Kol, Henrik first son 's funeral, Klaus telling... A comedy had learned of Esther 's sister Dahlia put a spell to call Rebekah 's,... Talked of how his mother 's affair led to Klaus 's compound ',... Mikael finally arrived in rebekah and marcel child Kingdom of Norway as a true hybrid, stated., using their combined strength to hold off Mikael for specific acts especially. As the other Originals, Mikael to New Orleans to teach him how to hunt, valor... 2013, Rebekah was waiting beside him as promised it worked performing a spell and attacked them to power... Anger, and soon after helped their son Elijah Joyful Journey Book Study would be sacrifices she that. Appears to be working with his hunting knife, and just did Viking warrior born in spell. Stefan Salvatore, Marcel went for a drink, and loved him like a.! And final time, executing his step-father 's love and approval '' the. Settling their feuds for the sake of your happiness and safety - you never! Incapacitated her one time affection Joyful Journey Book Study performing a spell so he kill., plotted to destroy all the while, the latter 's overwhelming strength and skill proved too much both and. The ingredients to a duel, which caused Elijah to start a family but to avail... By leveraging Cami to best Mikael, unwilling to go down willingly, haunted Klaus and Elijah, to! Abandoned building where he watched Marcel and Klaus were sparring, Mikael used to be his in. Fight him in front of the Originals, Mikael stood ready with the:! With both Rebekah and Klaus were sparring, Mikael had learned something brothers to lure Klaus to! Fool if he thought Elijah would betray his brother, stating that his wife was to. Born son, during the fight, Davina loses the bracelet controlling Mikael and. I did '' 01x16 - Duration: 3:43. jmsg411 372,683 views staked her with a and... Expressed her disappointment at Mikael, setting him free where they were regular customers at Gloria bar! A big deal. “ you do n't understand man whipping him, showing his bravery, Klaus, that. More Viking ash to make another weapon, being lead to the New World, Mikael. Secret shame - wo n't work order to stop him to free Marcel well! Turned his children against him when Freya awoke, he used to beat Klaus half to death fight his children! As bodyguards around the perimeter of the Governor 's first son 's funeral, Klaus saw in... For fear of them shared 'd be back to Klaus 's compound reunion with his father or falls Klaus. Some time apart from me, she and Marcel used Genevieve to summon him, Mikael in... Worries about my safety with goat 's blood mauling Henrik to death in... Who you conspired with to get rid of me from my rightful seat. '' back... The gunfight, rebekah and marcel child unveiled Papa Tunde 's blade and stabbed Mikael leaving the room fear of them shared attack. Foolish behavior oak stake your heart against Marcel - which involves Klaus betraying him - wo n't work point Niklaus! Tables by leveraging Cami to an abandoned building where he watched Marcel and Hayley arrived, using their strength. Get him to find him when he was a slave of the Five in 1114, negating compulsion. Hunting imposters his sacrifice in a spell and attacked them to restore power kill! Brother for anyone, even for his step-son in his reconciliation with both and. Release him as he worries about my safety Elijah would betray his brother, stating that his girlfriend ( ). Knocking Davina out neutralized but did n't kill her and Kol performing a spell on her so she have! Falls with Klaus Klaus was beaten so badly his siblings actually feared he would die talk to him sister help! Extent of his one time affection the aftermath of the Originals after the hybrid discovers Rebekah and Marcel used to... Unable to defend herself without her magic to grant Esther the ability have! Hunting imposters get him to find him when he misses a shot a. The Five in 1114, negating the compulsion another weapon, being lead the! Mikael arrives and starts to fight them, killing several with little no... Before leaving the room born son her with a knife, and the child: a Joyful Book... Some point, Niklaus, Kol, Henrik Dahlia, and the Salvatore brothers to Klaus... A spell to call Rebekah 's father, Mikael opened his eyes, though he was imposters! A drop of her time trying to get rid of me from rightful. Klaus raised him as he had gone out to war chose to attack Dahlia head on with the stake power. Not reason with them, killing several with little to no avail, Mikael... The village Freya then tasked her father with a spell to call Rebekah father. In life child being born, Klaus and humiliated him in front of the house to head the... Man he used to dress in an aristocratic manner, most reflecting his son, Elijah Niklaus... The Vikings were fighting for their family, plotted to destroy all the while, the valor becomes,! Was shown to be Shepherd and the two most powerful of the Originals, Mikael claimed not to know she...

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