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Skill Level . This crochet modern moss stitch throw looks amazing on a couch or a chair and combines that mid-century look that is so popular right now with crochet. It’s extremely flexible! Moss Stitch Crochet Patterns. *The turning chain, ch 1 does NOT count as a stitch. Here is a how to and a easy crochet scarf pattern to try. If you are wanting to know how to just crochet a regular, straight moss stitch, I have that tutorial HERE. Row 1. This blanket combines 2 of my favorite crochet techniques, Corner to Corner crochet and the Moss Stitch!I love how easy, yet how pretty this stitch is to make. Details. Single crochet (sc) = Double crochet. C2C Moss Stitch Rectangle Tutorial. Crochet Moss Stitch Square Scrapghan. You can make this beginner scarf pattern … C2C Moss Stitch Blanket. It’s perfect for framing afghans of all sorts without distracting from the main piece. Mar 30, 2017 - Explore Debbie Pfeifer's board "moss stitch", followed by 417 people on Pinterest. 2 skeins of 4 Medium, 3.5oz/207 yds – Sample used 1 skein of Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca Bonus Bundle in Olive . Fall in love with this corner to corner moss stitch crochet tutorial (also known the linen stitch & granite stitch). Crochet. Pattern written in US crochet terms. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I do receive commission. The moss stitch is sometimes called the granite stitch or seed stitch. Moss Stitch in a Rectangle using Caron Big Cakes Yarn! For information, read my full privacy policy. It only consists of SC and chains, but still looks really elegant. This free crochet shawl pattern utilizes the moss stitch throughout. Enjoy this free crochet dishcloth pattern. Rows 1 & 2: ch1, sc to end, turn. Saved from cookiesnobcrochet.com. If you want to change the size the initial chain is an odd number. Even though it uses single crochet, it works up surprisingly fast because you are working into a chain space instead of a stitch. First I posted a Moss Stitch Shawl Pattern, then I posted a Moss Stitch in a Square Pattern, and I got lots of comments about how to use this same stitch but in a rectangle.Well here it is! Ch 120 stitches. In summary, please have a look at these example C2C moss stitch blanket free crochet patterns and see the great utility of this technique. This crochet pattern is perfect for any skill level. The Moss Stitch Pattern. Check prices on Lion Brand. 4 May 2018 11 February 2020. This pattern for a C2C moss-stitched blanket is a flexible way of obtaining a square or rectangular blanket with a wonderful 45 degree cant to the stitching lines. The moss stitch, also known as granite stitch or linen stitch, is created by making single crochet stitches into spaces created by chain stitches. I began with 18 chain stitches for my sample. Learn this simple stitch and make your next scarf, blanket, hat, or washcloth in the moss stitch! DIY And Crafts. But what can you make with it? You can use it to make just about anything and it is a beginner-friendly stitch. Notes: Written pattern is for a baby sized blanket. This post may contain affiliate links, view our disclosure policy for details. Cluster Linen Stitch Crochet Pattern *The Cluster Moss/Linen Stitch is a one-row repeat stitch. The moss stitch is an easy and quick stitch that is honestly one of my go-to stitches. This pattern flies off the hook, works well with solid or variegated yarns, and is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Even Moss Stitch Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Notes: This crochet pattern is written in US terms. Using bulky (5) weight yarn, this infinity scarf works up quickly and is a great gift for any scarf lover (or yourself!). The moss stitch is a very common stitch in crochet, but I’ve been seen it called many names–linen, … Crochet Moss Stitch Supplies: Yarn (I am using All Things You Acrylic and Wool Blend for my sample) Corresponding Hook (I’m using an M/9.00 mm hook) Scissors; Finishing Needle ; How to Crochet the Moss Stitch. In particular, this Moss stitch crochet hat pattern. So you will single crochet, chain 1, skip on, single crochet, chain 1… and so on. Share photos of finished projects with Moss Stitch Basket - Square Help others find the right yarn for their next project. Moss stitch crochet patterns – this stitch is aka the granite stitch and the linen stitch – are some that I’ve skipped for years because I thought they’d take forever and a day since it’s a single crochet stitch. Check prices on Amazon . The ch at the end of each row does not count as a stitch. Moss Stitch Table Runner Free Crochet Pattern Moss stitch is one of the easiest stitches, yet you can play with it to create incredible patterns. Triangle Moss Stitch Shawl – free crochet pattern. This C2C Moss Stitch Blanket is a great project to work on that doesn’t involve a lot of counting or having to keep track of rows, a good project for car rides or even just sitting watching t.v. Besides the chain stitch used for the foundation, there is only ONE other stitch to know for this project – single crochet (SC in US terms). Easy crochet blanket pattern using moss stitch. Knitting And Crochet. It’s a win-win! PATTERN FOR THE EASY MOSS STITCH CROCHET BABY BLANKET. The yarn I used. Also, have you ever noticed that single crochet stitches can feel a little dense? Moss Stitch in the Round Crochet Pattern by The Loophole Fox. Before reading our posts, please review our disclaimer. That’s why I always turn to the fun, fast and reliable project: the crochet hat. *This stitch is worked in multiples of 2. If you're looking to make a quick project with a beautiful, drapey fabric, look no farther! The moss stitch is my go-to stitch whenever I want to crochet something easy. Start by chaining an even number of stitches, plus 2 chains for your turning chain. Tapestry needle and Scissors. Moss stitch knitting patterns: stitch library. Share pictures of blouses, hats, mittens etc. It obscures the obvious pattern of rows when using one color of yarn or a variegated yarn; when using two colors it creates a houndstooth pattern. Make a foundation chain of an odd number of stitches. The yarn that I’m using in the above picture is Hobby Lobby’s ‘Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek’ in green and coral (they are 2 separate skeins) This is actually the same brand of yarn that I used for my Moss Stitch Triangle Scarf last year. I would love to consider this stitch tutorial a pattern, but I do not think it is fair since I have not yet completed my blanket using this technique. Sponsored Links . Looking for a moss stitch tutorial? Hello guys! See more ideas about crochet patterns, crochet crafts, crochet projects. If you know how to single crochet and make a chain stitch, you are ready to rock and roll with this moss stitch. … This stitch is so simple, you can crochet it without thinking, and I’m not even talking about counting stitches! It is a beginner friendly crochet stitch pattern that you can easily learn once you’ve mastered single crochets, chains, and skipping chains/stitches. The moss stitch in crochet is a combination of stitches made by switching between single crochets and chains. Row One: Start by working any even number of chain stitches. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this yarn. Plus it has it's own Moogly Video Tutorial! Moss Stitch Crochet Dishcloth Pattern. This simple moss stitch border adds a touch of soft texture to any project. Moss Stitch Beanie Hat Crochet Pattern. I have several patterns on the blog using the moss stitch, including the Woodland Hooded Scarf, the 2-hour or less Beanie, and my new Simple Stripes Blanket. The crochet moss stitch square blanket is in the works and I hope to share the completed project with you soon. How to Crochet the Moss Stitch. Pin this Blanket for later! So if you want to have 40 stitches in each row, you would start with a foundation chain of 42. What is a moss stitch in crochet? In 4th chain from your hook make a sc. Row 2: Ch 1, Sc 1 in first sc (on edge), sc 1 in next ch-1 sp, *ch 1, sc 1 in next ch 1 sp; repeat from * to last sc, sc 1 in last sc; turn. Today I would like to show you my latest modern and one-row-repeat crochet wearable Triangle Moss Stitch Shawl. EASY MOSS STITCH BABY BLANKET PATTERN: The blanket below, is a perfect example of how lovely the moss stitch looks on a finished item. Turn and single crochet in the third chain. Single Moss Stitch. The pattern for the blanket is share in this post: Easy moss stitch crochet baby blanket. Good morning my dear crochet girls, it is with great affection and respect that we from the Crochet Easy Patterns blog will deliver to you today a beautiful Cochet Moss Stitch pattern. How to Crochet the Moss Stitch. The moss stitch crochet stitch makes a beautiful crochet dishcloth. 1-5/8” Clover Pom Pom Maker. As I said, the moss stitch is one of my favorites to work with. The moss stitch, also known as the granite stitch, is a simple crochet stitch that produces textured crochet pieces. I've used the granite stitch (aka moss stitch, seed stitch, etc.) It’s an adorable triangle shawl crochet pattern written at an easy skill level. Fabric Crafts. This tutorial uses American crochet terms. Row 3: Ch1, Sc 1 in 1st stitch, *ch 1, sk 1 st, sc in next st; repeat from * to end; turn. This easy crochet scarf pattern uses the moss stitch, which is a straightforward stitch pattern worked using a combination of single crochet and chain stitches. A blanket like this, won't take you more than a week to make and it will provide endless hours of use or play! Materials for the Moss Stitch Scarf Crochet Pattern. The Moss Stitch = SC + Chain 1 You crochet in all of the chain 1 spaces from the previous row. If you’re like me though, crochet is an important part of your life that has to be worked in. The moss stitch is simply a repeat of a single crochet followed by a chain 1 across the row. Before I share the patterns, let's do a quick review of the Moss Stitch. 7mm hook. Where can I use the moss stitch? Explore. I flew through this blanket. Knit Crochet.. When your schedule gets busier, it can be hard to find time to work on big projects like crochet afghans and sweaters. From classic double moss stitch (a great choice for quick-knit scarves and blankets) to patterns combining moss stitch with lace, cables and more, there’s something for everyone. This post may contain affiliate links. Well, to start, you can make these 1o free crochet moss stitch patterns! This table runner is … Try this easy beginner stitch using single crochet and slip stitches. *This Cluster Moss Stitch is reversible and either side of this stitch can be considered the ‘right’ side. The Retro Infinity Scarf uses warm colors and the moss (or linen) stitch to create a woven striped pattern perfect for fall. And you all have been rocking it! Moss Stitch, Linen Stitch, Tweed Stitch, Granite Stitch, Seed Stitch... whatever you call it, it's a fun crochet stitch pattern to make. Size K, 6.5 mm crochet hook – You can get my favorite crochet hooks right on Amazon and they can become your favorite hooks! Jul 22, 2018 - A couple months back, I put together a photo tutorial for the C2C Moss Stitch . Yarn amounts is for baby size. Materials: Paintbox Simply Aran in Champagne White (4 skeins), Neon Yellow (1 skein), Lipstick Pink (1 skein), and Marine Blue (1 skein). The whole baby blanket pattern is created by alternating chain one (CH1) and single crochet (SC) into chain one space. It's a super easy stitch and it creates a beautiful texture that almost looks woven or knit. You can start with any four sided piece with any stitch count and you can repeat the pattern to make as wide or narrow of a border as you like. Crochet Moss Stitch Free Blanket Pattern. in several projects, so I decided that it might make sense to share a picture tutorial with you on how to do it! I was wrong. Try these moss stitch variations to add texture to your knits.

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