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This website pulls together photos taken over time of two former Conrail South Bend lines including the line that ran into downtown South Bend and the Michigan Central (MC) Connector that ran to the west. Also included are the Notre Dame & Western (ND&W) and the St. Mary's College Railroad. Follow the links below for individual sections. The surviving Conrail MC Connector wound up in Norfolk Southern hands in 1999.

Since these industrial tracks are rapidly disappearing-and in some cases, already gone-I felt it was important to document them as much as possible. The Conrail line into downtown is now a bike trail. Unfortunately I was never able to get a photo of an actual train running over them.

Finally, the MC Connector line that ran 3.2 miles to the ND&W was the subject of a heated battle that spanned 2006-2011 when a proposed shortline startup, the South Bend Railway, wanted to restore service on the MC Connector to Notre Dame which was opposed by the City of South Bend et al. The shortline eventually did not proceed and in October of 2012 most of the tracks of the ND&W were taken up.

Conrail South Bend Secondary Line-Branch Into Downtown South Bend

Conrail South Bend-Michigan Central (MC) Connector-ND&W-St. Mary's Railroad

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